Kafuli – Burkina Faso

Michaela Solnická is a young architect, dedicated to architecture with a human dimension in African countries. She works in the non-profit organization Kafuli in Burkina Faso, which deals with fair trade oriented arts and crafts, responsible tourism and non-formal education. This non-profit organization is located in Bobo Dioulasso, the second largest city in the country. In addition to handmade production as bags, packaging and other craft products, the organization deals with the education and training of women, who produce these products.

PROVIDA supported the construction of new shelters that significantly improve conditions of work of the local women and provide space for training, education, informal meetings and community life. Kafuli promotes an architecture that is based on sustainable principles, using new technologies, employing and educating local people, protecting the environment and cultural heritage of the country.

Learn more about the project at www.kafuli.org